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Developer Documentation, Blockchain Demos, Cloud based Block Producer and dApp Services. Our Developers are focused on building products and have successfully completed numerous applications deployments on the MEET.ONE sidechain
Technical support
The collection of eosio contracts from MEET.ONE
Transit Wallet Access Layer for EOS blockchain networks
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EOS Genesis Block Producer
Block Producer Responsibilities
Servers cost
Servers improvement and maintenance,
Compliant with EOS Mainnet.
Community Building
District building and community operations,
to ensure community activity.
Product development
Providing convenient and efficient tools
for EOS development.
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MEET.ONE Chain is designed to facilitate the liquidity of everyone’s values,lower the threshold and cost of access to EOSIO layer. Meanwhile, MEET.ONE Chain is committed to make a joint effort with Block Producers and developers, aiming to promote the development of trustworthy Internet and utilize blockchain technology to empower Internet.
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